Kenthurst & District FC


Each year sees the Club go from strength to strength with the Club winning the Club Championship in 2012, 2013 and 2014 in the Gladesville Hornsby Football Association.  Prior to that, the Club had won that award in 1971 – which was also the first year it was introduced – and 1992.  In 2002, the Club also became affiliated with the North West Women’s Football Association, which is the only Association in Australia which caters for all female teams.  The Club won the Club Championship in this competition in 2009.


Congratulations Kenthurst!


GHFA Club Champions for the fourth (4) consecutive year!



Outstanding Team Honours

2006 – U14G/1′s won NSW’s Champion of Champions

2009 – U18/1′s won NSW’s Champion of Champions

2010 – U19/1′s won Bill Plaskett Trophy for best Division 1 team

2012 – Premier League First Grade won the Premiership

2013 – Premier League First Grade won both the Premiership and Championship


Life Memberships

1979    Life membership    Roy Allen*
1980    Life membership    Stan Milston
1980    Life membership    Bernice Riddle
1990    Life membership    Peter George
1990    Life membership    Lorraine Faux*
1991    Life membership    Eric Wood*
1992    Life membership    George O’Neill
1997    Life membership    Sibby Crimi
2000    Life membership    Garry Riddle
2001    Life membership    Ian George
2002    Life membership    Vince Sammut
2002    Life membership    Michael Sproule
2003    Life membership    Rod Sillery
2004    Life membership    Dave Roberts
2005    Life membership    Hadrian Morrall
2005    Life membership    Dave Armstrong
2006    Life membership    Ian Kinnish
2007    Life membership    Cathy Edmonds
2007    Life membership    Ian McAulay
2009    Life membership    Sean McGuinness
2009    Life membership    Tom McGuinness
2010    Life membership    Matthew Johnston
2010    Life membership    Frank Capaldi
2011    Life membership    Pearce McGuinness
2012    Life membership    Sue Torville
2012    Life membership    Tony Torville
2013    Life membership    Ron Geekie
2013    Life membership    George Lowery
2014    Life membership    Luke Roodenburg
2014    Life membership    Nathan Bradley
2014    Life membership    John Durrant
2015    Life membership   Warwick Gosling
2015    Life membership   Nikki Riddle